Takwa Ruins (a Kenyan National Monument) are just around the creek corner from Tranquillity Camp. There you can admire what was once a Swahili settlement (XVI-XVIII centuries), including the Great Mosque and the Pillar Tomb.

Nearby, Manda Town boasts impressive sea walls built around the X century from large coral blocks. On the neighboring island, Lamu Town contains many fine examples of Swahili architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Did you know? Since there are no cars on Lamu and Manda Islands, transportation is done with the help of donkeys. Elisabeth Svendsen, a British animal welfare advocate, opened the Donkey Sanctuary in 1987, to provide free treatments to all donkeys!

Lamu is home to different religious and cultural events. The Maulidi Festival (held in January or February) celebrates Mohammed's birth. It involves donkey races, regattas and swimming competitions. In late August, Lamu Cultural Carnival features traditional dancing, crafts and dhow races. If you travel around March/April, don’t miss the Donkey Awards that reward the finest animals!

Tranquility Camp is immersed in the lush vegetation of the Lamu Archipelago, set within a protected mangrove forest. The site is ideal for contemplating nature and its wonders, including different bird species and the tides of Takwa Creek.